Going to school for the first time is exciting   for both child and the family! This is often a child’s first experience in a group setting away from home. At Ampai Kindergarten school, we try to make this transition as smooth as possible by providing a warm, inviting environment and fostering close communication between family and school.

Pre Kindergarten Ampai offers a high quality early childhood programme.  In our early childhood programme children are encouraged to explore and discover their interests through play.  All our Pre Kindergarten teachers believe that learning should be fun. 

Kindergarten 1 is the foundation for a happy and successful school career.  Children are encouraged to develop social, personal and emotional skills such as sharing, appropriate expression of feelings and independence which will serve them throughout their academic careers.

In Kindergarten 2 students are encouraged to take part in exploration, investigation and problem solving.  This helps the students to begin to develop their critical thinking skills.  We encourage children to start working in small groups and cooperating with each other the aim is to develop the students both academically and socially.

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