Seven people will be running for the next savings bank president.○ Big box office? Why?

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Posted on: 2019-01-10 23:22:05
[EDAYEALY Kim Bum-joon] Seven former civil and government officials voted to run in a bid to head the 18th Central Savings Bank. It's a box office hit. This is in stark contrast to the fact that three candidates were the sole candidates for the 17th chairman election in 2015 and the 16th chairman in 2012.

A total of seven candidates were Nam Young-woo (65), former Korea Investment Savings Bank CEO Park Do-gyu (62), former Vice Chairman of the SC First Bank Cho Seong-mok (64), former President Cho Seong-mok of the Korea Institute of Public Finance, Hwang Jong-sup (61), former CEO of Hana Savings Bank, and former senior presidential secretary for economic affairs Park Jae-sik (65).

What is the reason for the heated contest between the savings bank's chairman? First of all, since there are no special people who have scored, it is interpreted that a large number of applicants have been invited. "In the past, high-ranking government officials and financial authorities were able to move to public institutions or financial institutions even during their tenure, but now there are few places to go even after retirement," a source from the financial authorities said. "With society becoming more transparent, there seems to be a large number of applicants." In other words, the post of savings bank chairman has become a non-mainstream event since there is no sense of a mood of empowerment from high-ranking officials as it did in the past.

Another characteristic is that the "Old boy" who used to be a government official in the past has attracted a large number of government officials. "Because the government's ethics law has already passed the limit on re-employment of public officials, OB seems to be rushing to head the association recently," a savings bank official said.

Changes in the status of the savings bank's Central Committee are also expected to have an impact. The Korea Savings Bank Association is one of the nation`s top five financial associations with 79 savings banks as members. The total assets of savings banks in the first half of last year were around 64 trillion won and interest profits of 2 trillion won, the largest in history. Savings banks were in their second golden age, with a forecast that they would have surpassed 70 trillion won in total assets and 4 trillion won in interest profit by the end of last year.

The annual salary of the savings bank's chairman is 500 million won (including 200 million won in business promotion costs), which is no less than that of other financial association presidents. Majority of industries believe that it would have attracted applicants as it can raise more than스포츠토토사이트

1.5 billion won if the three-year term is completed.

Looking at the faces of the candidates, it is expected that they will have a close contest. After serving as the former Hansol Mutual Savings Bank, Nam moved to the Korea Investment Savings Bank and served as the CEO for eight years from August 2010 to the end of last year. Park Do-kyu, former vice president of Korea Commercial Bank (formerly Woori Bank), served as the head of the personnel department and chief financial officer of Citibank Korea. Afterwards, he moved to SC First Bank, where he served as vice president of South Korean Business Department and vice president of risk management, and retired in 2014.

Cho Seong-kwon, former chief of public relations at Woori Bank, also a professor at Kookmin University's Graduate School of Public Administration, CEO of Yates Savings Bank, and a senior research committee member at Itoday's Institute of Future Design, is currently working as an economic commentator. Cho Sung-mok is the youngest candidate among the candidates in his 50s. While serving as the chief inspector of savings banks at the Financial Supervisory Service, Cho suffered the 2011 savings bank crisis. After retiring from the FSS, he has been the head of the Korea Institute of Public Finance since September 2017.

Hwang Jong-sup is a representative Hanaman who joined Hana Bank and served as the head of Hana Savings Bank of Hana Financial Group in 2016 after serving as a law-abiding officer, head of the retail business promotion division, head of the Yeongnam Business Headquarters, and vice president of the Youngnam Business Group. Former bakjjaesik the 26th passed civil service examination of Washington in the U.S. senior administrative officer posts, the Post the FSA we, Cheong Wa Dae, Roh Moo-hyun administration policy very structured levels of coordination secretary.Insurance business, state director of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, head of Financial Intelligence Unit, The Korea Securities Finance Corporation CEO, stay.

Former Finance Minister Han Yi-heon passed the 7th civil service examination and served as the chairman of the 6th Fair Trade Commission, the 23rd Vice Economic Planning Board, the senior presidential secretary for economic affairs under the Kim Young-sam administration, the 15th lawmaker, and the 8th president of the Technology Guarantee Fund.

The savings bank's chairman recommendation committee will hold a general meeting after screening candidates' histories, qualifications, and interviews for the next 10 days. At the general meeting scheduled for Friday, representatives of 79 savings banks from member companies will vote on the final candidate, and the candidate who garnered more than two-thirds of the total votes in attendance will be selected as the next chairman of the savings bank's central bank.

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