A Study on the Recommendation of the Commander of the Gwangju Subdue Air Force in lieu of Jiwon, Korea

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Posted on: 2019-01-11 00:02:25
It has been confirmed that the Liberty Korea Party is considering recommending the commander of the air force dispatched to Gwangju during the May 18 pro-democracy movement as a member of the 5.18 fact-finding committee.

The party and the party have been debating over who should be investigated.

It's Cho Eun-ji's solo report.


Ji Man-won said, "North Korean special agents were dispatched to Gwangju in 1980, and we found some of them with special facial recognition technology."

[Jan Ji-won / Extremely Right Commentator: May 18 was a guerrilla war caused by 600 North Korean special forces......I came here to make a rift between the country and South Jeolla Province.]

Most of the people who were designated as special agents by Ji responded with tears, saying, "They were North Korean defectors and they were children."

[Kim Jung-ah / North Korean defector: I was born in 76 years old, and when I was 4 years old, I came to Gwangju. I think it's a terrible crime to play tricks on the lives of North Korean defectors before they're killed.

Bareun Mirae Party lawmaker Ha Tae-kyung called Ji a fraud and asked some Korean party members to apologize for recommending him.

Mr. Ha Tae-kyung of the Bareun Mirae Party: He is a very strange man and a fraud. Rep. Kim Jin-tae is killing North Koreans twice. You have to apologize.]안전놀이터

Amid growing controversy and mounting negative public opinion over the past few days, the Korean party eventually decided to remove Ji from the May 18 investigation committee.

Instead, he reviewed Ji's recommendation for a senior military official who was also a member of the 22nd Military Academy and a battalion commander of the 3rd Airborne Brigade during the Gwangju Democratization Movement and had a meeting at the National Assembly.

Na Kyung-won, floor leader of the Liberty Korea Party: There were some opinions from lawmakers about which members to recommend. (in this respect) We will select and announce the committee members shortly.]

In a telephone conversation with YTN, the person was offered a fact-finding committee by the Korean party, but Ji-won said he would prefer it and was waiting for the party's final answer.

He also claimed that he was cleared of charges by the prosecution for carrying out the war, although many casualties were reported between civilian and repressive forces.

Following the far right conservative commentator Ji Man-won's controversy, it has been confirmed that the additional person being considered also participated in the operation at the time, and it is still unclear whether the party will pass its own verification process.