"I can't see the reflection" of the Korean party in the right future, "Self Yongbi Skyga"

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Posted on: 2019-01-11 00:32:11
New Year's press conference 10 days, Moon Jae-in released by the president for 2007, the conservative opposition has a cynical ‘Self Yongbieocheonga’

reaction for a message.

"(President Moon's press conference) is very disappointing," said Na Kyung-won, floor leader of the Liberty Korea Party, at a general meeting of lawmakers on the afternoon of the day. It`s a New Year`s message for Mai Wei. It is also said that the pain is too bad.

President Moon's response to the "revealing of Kim Tae-woo and Shin Jae-min" incident also provoked opposition parties to protest. Regarding the revelation of former special inspector Kim Tae-woo, former president of the presidential office, he said, "There are disputes over what he has done." Regarding the internal complaint filed by Shin Jae-min, a former finance ministry official, he also said, "It was judged by what he saw in the narrow world."

In response, Na said, "(President Moon's remarks) are guidelines for investigation," adding, "We will propose an independent counsel because we cannot delay the investigation any longer." If the Bareun Future Party slows down its pace, it will make sure to pass the independent independent independent counsel to cover up suspicions. "I will announce that I have been conducting various inspections."

A spokesman for the conservative opposition party also commented that it was "disappointing" to President Moon's speech. "The idea of a New Year's press conference, which is only for the president, to use as a means of comforting and avoiding reality," said Yoon Young-seok, the party's spokesman.

"The people want a letter of apology, but the president called for self-defense," said Kim Sam-hwa, a spokesman for the Bareun Mirae Party. "There is no self-reflection on unfair practices such as parachute, personnel shakeups, and corruption in employment." "The people are afraid of the president who only says what he wants to see and what he wants to say, and the president who doesn't change his failed economic policies," he added.

The Justice Party expressed regret but expressed expectations. "It is fortunate that the president declared a human-centered economy today, but it is hard to forget the impression that the economy is focused on companies rather than workers," said Choi Seok, spokesman for the Justice Party.

On the other hand, the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea said, "It was a new year's resolution that clearly revealed the president's commitment to create an economy that can prosper together with a people-centered economy and an innovative inclusive country." "It was an interview that showed the president's deep understanding of all issues," said Lee Hae-sik, spokesman for the president, adding, "We also agreed on the economic diagnosis that the economic performance we achieved together was concentrated on large conglomerates and small income groups, and that the polarization and inequality of wealth have become acute."